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Launchpad Kitchen Essentials

Below are kitchen tools that will assist you in preparing Launchpad recipes. They have exceed my expectations, and I hope they will exceed yours, as well! 

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 lunch club kitchen essentials


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  1. Mixing bowls
  2. Dressing/sauce storage containers
  3. Food storage containers
  4. Dinner plates
  5. Bowls

Utensils & Gadgets:

  1. Thermometer
  2. Kitchen knives
  3. Measuring cups and spoons
  4. Kitchen utensil set (spoon, egg whisk, serving tong, spatula tools, pasta server, ladle, strainer)
  5. Pizza cutter
  6. Can opener
  7. Collapsable colander
  8. Rolling pin
  9. Grater


  1. Stockpot
  2. Frying pan
  3. Saucepan


  1. Baking sheets
  2. Pizza pan
  3. Pot holder
  4. Baking dishes
  5. Oven mitt


  1. Crock-pot
  2. Waffle maker
  3. Blender


  1. Cutting boards
  2. Bag clips
  3. Bluetooth speaker (because what's cookin' without a little music?)


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