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RD working with brands

Thanks for visiting my website- please make yourself at home! I like to keep it fun and exciting around here at Yeah Girl! Nutrition. In order to help people feel confident and positive about themselves and the food on their plate, I need to  provide them with the tools and resources to do so. This is where YOU come in.

Whether it's through product promotion, recipe development, or hoppin' over for a guest blog post, I believe that we can work together to add value to our audience's life. I look forward to working with you! *high five*

Product Promotion:

As a registered dietitian, it's my job provide my audience with reliable and useful information about nutrition and health. I love working with brands that I believe can enrich the lives of the people who follow me. Through social media and my blog, I can share information about products, utilize them in tasty recipes, or highlight their benefits.

Recipe Development:

Let's face it: who isn't a busy body these days? I appreciate the value of a recipe that is easy and quick enough to whip up without hassle, while also delivering a serious wha-POW! of deliciousness. Hit me with your best shot.

Guest Blog Post:

I've got a voice, and I ain't afraid to use it! I love writing about food, leading an active lifestyle, and all things #girlpower. Click here to check out my blog. 


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