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About this workout: These total-body programs are designed to help you build balance and stability as a runner at home/anywhere with weights. There are two tracks to follow for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. 

Duration: 4 weeks

Schedule: 2x/week. Sessions can be performed before or after a run

Equipment needed: 

  • Dumbbells or other weighted objects (canned goods, water bottles, heavy textbooks, jugs filled with liquid)
  • Exercise mat or towel for floor exercises (optional)

Session details: 

  • Reps: 12-20 per exercise (5-8 for jumping exercises)
  • Sets: 1-3
  • Progression: You can perform the workout as a circuit (performing only one set, then moving on to the next exercise) or complete all sets before moving on to the next exercise
  • Rest: We recommend resting for 30 seconds between each exercise, or for however long you need
  • Modifications: Click on the "notes" icon for each exercise for modifications to make the exercise easier or more difficult. You can also email us at support@heldie.co for more ideas

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