Resistance Training Programs

How to Select a Program
  • To begin a resistance training program, open the Club Heldie app and click on the “Home” tab at the bottom of your screen
  • Click on the “Workouts” button
  • Scroll down to select a stability, strength, or power program/workout section, then click “Show All”
  • Stability: We recommend most athletes start with these workouts and programs. Stability training uses higher repetitions, lighter weights, and exercises that challenge your stability and core strength to help you establish a strong foundation to safely excel in your athletic endeavors. Both home and gym options are available.
  • Strength: These workouts and programs are designed to build muscle and develop strength, which in turn helps you improve your running form, better handle the stresses of running, avoid injury, and more. Both home and gym options are available.
  • Power: These workouts and programs are designed to help you produce an explosive burst of energy very quickly and powerfully. This translates to faster feet that can push off the ground harder, leading to better speed and running efficiency. Both home and gym options are available.

How to Schedule a Resistance Training Program

  • Click on the training program you would like to follow
  • Click “Plan this workout”
  • Select a start date
  • IMPORTANT: If selecting a program, choose the number of weeks specified in the plan
  • Select which days of the week you will resistance train
  • Most of our programs are two days a week to compliment the running programs. You do not need to select all 7 days like with the running programs.
  • We recommend training on the “cross-training/rest days”
  • The days should be highlighted in red, not grey, to show that they have been selected
  • Once you have completed the above steps, click “Plan this Workout” and you will see that it has been added to your plan

Click this link for more information and additional resources for each program 

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