What to Eat Before a Run


What to eat before a run

The goal: Prepare the body for optimal mental and physical performance with food and beverages that fuel, hydrate, and minimize digestive discomfort.

3-4 Hours Before: Enjoy a meal that is rich in carbohydrates and moderate in protein. Examples include...

  • Chicken with rice & steamed vegetables
  • Yogurt with berries & granola
  • Oatmeal with peanut butter & banana

1 Hour Before: Enjoy a snack that is rich in easily-digestible carbohydrates and lower in fat and/or fiber. Examples include...

  • Rice cakes
  • Fresh or dried fruit
  • Pretzels


  • Fatty/fried foods
  • Foods high in fiber
  • Spicy, minty, acidic or other irritating foods

Note: you may need to experiment with several pre-workout foods to find what gives you the most energy without feeling too heavy in your stomach

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