Club Heldie Fueling Guides

What to Eat After a Run

Paige Foote Post-workout

Support recovery by using food and beverages to re-fuel, re-hydrate, and repair the body before the next run

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What to Eat During a Run

Paige Foote

Sustain energy and hydration with food and beverages while avoiding digestive discomfort.

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What to Eat Before a Run

Paige Foote Pre-workout

Prepare the body for optimal mental and physical performance with food and beverages that fuel, hydrate, and minimize digestive discomfort.

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"Pick 5" Meal Planning Guide

Paige Foote meal planning

Meal planning is a smart and efficient way to help runners enjoy home-cooked, nutritious meals. This guide exists to show that meal planning doesn't have to be a complicated or time consuming process. All one needs to do is simply start with five basic elements to build out a nourishing & tasty menu…

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